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classic Float $90

90 MINUTEs/session

Our 90-minute length makes sure you experience  amazing effects that stick with you after you leave the tank. Many float benefits don’t take hold until 45 minutes in, and they keep getting better from there.

float packages

90 minutes/session

A must have for float lovers. To really experience the benefits of floating, invest in regular time in the tanks. No expiry date on packages.

3 float sessions: $180

5 float sessions: $275


40 minutes/session

The ultimate deep body purification. First soak in the Epsom salts and all their goodness, then turn the detox on high with some sauna time. 

sauna packages

40 minutes/session

Experience the benefits of regular sauna time. Packages enable you to secure the best value, and you can come on your schedule. No expiry date on packages.


5 x per month: $165

10 x per month: $350

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