Floating for Athletes


Accessing the restorative powers of floating can help keep the body in peak form for high performance

High Performance Healing

Floating is a safe, completely approved performance enhancer available to athletes of all sports.

Stephen Curry loves it, Aly Raisman's hooked, and Tom Brady has installed his own tank at home. 

Whether you're a runner, a swimmer or a stay-at-home mom, floating is a natural, healing modality that can help you stay at the top of your game. 

There are performance benefits associated with floating.

Pre-performance time in the tank is a unique opportunity to get in the zone, where focus, motivation and drive can be honed. 

Post-performance floating can help you heal sports injuries, find relief from old aches and pains and recover much faster.

This is due to the power of Epsom salts which create the floating experience. Its active ingredient, magnesium sulfate, is known for its ability to reduce lactic acid and adrenaline. 

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