Floating to Relieve Anxiety


In the absence of distraction the inner well of authentic peace can be discovered


We are living in the age of distraction.

On a material level many of us are experiencing abundance and good fortune like none of our ancestors before us.

The consequence of this is a rise in stress levels. Not just among high level executives, but also among teenagers, moms, and even the elderly.

Elevated cortisol levels and living off adrenaline eventually take their toll on body and mind.

Committing to just one session of floating, drifting at the surface without sound or sight, gives you permission to disengage from your most stressful thoughts and become acquainted with new ideas and possibilities that emerge when the stressful thoughts disappear. 

It's not uncommon for people to experience time falling away too. In this expansive space we each get the opportunity to rewire our thinking into new directions. And the more we float, the more powerful the effects become. 

TIPS FOR Floating with Anxiety: 

  • Give yourself permission to turn off your stressful thoughts inside the tank

  • Make it a sacred space where you commit to deep rest and healing

  • Promise yourself you will pick up your problems, if you must, after you leave the tank

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