Floating During Pregnancy


Within the space of perfect surrender lies the possibility for deeper connection


Expectant mothers and floating are a wonderful combination. Being weightless brings great relief from common pregnancy ailments like swelling, joint and back pain, hypertension, Braxton Hicks, insomnia, leg cramps and stress.  

Pregnant women who suffer from swelling often leave the float tank able to wear their shoes again! 

As well as the body relief that floating offers soon-to-be moms, many pregnant women report that floating enabled their first real conversation with their babies, as they hear the sound of their baby's heartbeat in the water.

It's in the absence of the noise and distractions of daily life that we get to mentally decompress, go deeper and really connect.  


  • Enjoy the use of props, whether a pool noodle, neck pillow or yoga block

  • Try different positions, e.g. lying on your stomach or on your side with pool noodle between legs

  • Be prepared to take bathroom breaks

  • Snack before you come

  • Always check with your health provider first

We provide pregnancy robes. Please mention you are pregnant when booking. 

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