Floating and Physical Ailments


In a state of zero gravity, disconnect from the world outside and float into tranquility


Since its inception 50 years ago, various studies have been conducted to quantify the impact of flotation therapy.

Floating, while more mainstream than ever, is still considered an alternative therapy. 

A lot of these studies, as well as anecdotal evidence suggest that floating can improve many ailments, including joint and muscle pain, arthritis, back pain, high blood pressure, mood disorders like anxiety and depression,

insomnia and post-traumatic stress disorder.    

What is it about floating that imbues it with these healing qualities? 

Quite possibly, it's the stillness that floating enables. With less stimulation often comes deeper peace and access to true tranquility. Epsom salt itself is also touted for its healing qualities. An average sized float tank holds 850 pounds of Epsom salt, which is like bathing in the healing qualities of magnesium, a miracle vitamin so many of us lack.


  • Enjoy the use of props, whether a pool noodle, neck pillow or yoga block to help find a comfortable position in the tank

  • Never float for longer than you are comfortable

  • The benefits of floating are cumulative, so you may need multiple exposures to experience real relief

  • Always check with your health provider first