Floating During Pregnancy

Expecting mothers and floating are a wonderful combination. Being weightless is a wonderful relief from common pregnancy ailments like swelling, joint pain and back pain, hypertension, Braxton Hicks, insomnia, leg cramps and stress.  

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Simone Barkerpregnancy
Floating to Relieve Anxiety

Committing to time floating, drifting at the surface, without sound or sight gives you permission to disengage from your most stressful thoughts and become acquainted with new ideas and possibilities that emerge when the stressful thoughts disappear. 

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Simone Barkeranxiety
Floating and Addiction

Studies show that flotation therapy has a positive impact on endorphin levels. When endorphins are released, we are much more equipped to deal with withdrawal symptoms and keep focused on our goal to live addiction-free. 

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Simone Barkeraddiction
Floating For ADHD

If you or a loved one struggles with symptoms of ADHD spending time in a float tank may help. Flotation therapy offers unparalleled access to a state within that can only be accessed by removing distractions and stimulation.

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Simone Barkeradhd