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the beauty is Inside 

Luxury is in the detail. Even the tiniest components carefully considered. Our AIM is to support you to effortlessly relax into a state of pure rest, where life is lived undistracted. 



A 2,100 square foot oasis in Water Mill New York

Hamptons Float was born from a wish to create a way to experience deeper relaxation of the mind, body and nervous system.

Modern life is often characterized by over stimulation and distraction. This limits our ability to find stillness and connect to our more peaceful minds and positive energy. 

Floating is a method that enables us to effortlessly abide in a meditative state that nourishes us, rejuvenates us and leaves us feeling reinvigorated.  

The benefits that come from floating are cumulative, so the more you float the better you feel.

Hamptons Float is a spa-like setting, making it easy to

enjoy returning again and again, until the power of floating is what compels you to come back.  

The acceptance of floating by the medical establishment is now widespread.

Research demonstrates the benefits of floating which has been shown to offer relief from many health conditions, including arthritis, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, addiction, ADHD, and many more. 

Come and experience restful time, in perfectly temperature-controlled water, while buoyed by the healing properties of Epsom salts.  

Relax, replenish, restore.